Geneva has a temperate climate, temperatures range from -2 to +5°C (28 to 41°F) in winter and 12 to 28°C (54 to 82°F) in summer.


There are 4 official languages in Switzerland: French, German, Italian and Romansh. The official language in the western part of Switzerland and in Geneva is French. Due to its international character, other languages such as English, German, Spanish and Italian are often spoken in Geneva.


Swiss Franc (CHF or SFr). Average rate: 1 EURO – CHF 1.10. The exchange rate for the Euro and the Swiss Franc is not officially fixed and is subject to daily market fluctuations. Conversion rates are available at foreign exchange offices and banks.


Prices in hotels, restaurants, and taxis include taxes and services. A tip, therefore, is not indispensable but justified for good services.

Visit Geneva

Geneva is an amazing city to visit with its gardens, manufacturers and lake views! A city pass will offer you preferential rates, free entries and gifts. Valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours, it is your “open Sesame” to museums, cruises, visits, tours and many other surprises. For more information about the city tours and Geneva pass, click here


The electrical current in Switzerland is 230V, 50Hz. Swiss sockets are recessed, three-holed, hexagonally shaped and incompatible with many plugs from abroad. They usually, however, take the standard European two-pronged plug.